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If anyone would like to contribute to a worthy organization as a Memorial Tribute on Dustin's behalf, we encourage donations to the Air Force Aide Society, Inc., National Headquarters, 241 18th Street South, Suite 202 Arlington VA 22202. Our family intends to make a Christmas contribution as a annual gift in his memory.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Dustin Pierce who was born in Anderson Indiana on March 30, 1984 and passed from us on December 28, 2006 at the age of 22.

For those that knew him, he was full of life and adventure. Dustin was the type of person who did not shy from risk, but chose to live his life to the fullest.

Dustin is the son of June and Bill Pierce. He is the older brother to Matthew. His grandparents are Dennis and Janice Pierce, Melvin and Nondas Blair.

He graduated from Triton Central High School in 2002, continuing with his studies at the University of Southern Indiana, Lincoln Tech, and BMW Tech School, achieving an  Associates Degree.

In April of 2006 he embarked on his greatest adventure, becoming an Airmen in the United States Air Force. This was a career path that had long been his desire. In the months that followed he showed eagerness and enthusiasm for the military that convinced me as his father, his decision was the right decision for him, despite my concerns for his safety and distance. Although the seperation was hard, our family knew that he was doing what he loved. In that we find comfort.

For those that may not have known Dustin well, I want to tell you how he was seen by those who did.

* He was always an opinionated person who never found it necessary to conform to the views of others. He did things his way regardless of peer pressure.

* Dustin was a extremely intellegent person who could amaze you when he applied himself. He had the ability to think outside the box and was capable of viewing things in ways others would not think of or consider.

* One of his favorite past times was reading. He favored fantasy books particularly those that delved into sorcery and magic. When he started a book he could sit for hours and was known to complete the book in a matter hours if he had a mind too.

* He enjoyed video games especially role playing games. Growing up Dustin would seek out and take on the RPG realm of gaming.

* Many people were unaware that he had an interest in ball room dancing. As was typical of him, he had an interest and pursued it.

* In recent months he discovered and enjoyed physical activity while in the Air Force. When our family attended his graduation from basic training, we were all amazed at the transformation. His was physically fit in a way we had not expected. In the weeks and months that followed he made it clear he had come to appreciate the physical activity and continued to push himself.

* Dustin was animated in a way that when he spoke he put himself completely into the conversation through gestures and body language. It could be joked that if his hands were tied, he would be unable to speak.

There are many things that can be said about Dustin and someone would be hard pressed to say a negative thing about him. There is no way to adequately describe him through a web site, but it is my hope that as others explore this site they will add their memories and thoughts of this fine young man. It is through those that knew him that his life, contributions, friendship, and memories, will be passed on and shared.

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Tributes and Condolences
Won't ever forget you   / Matt Pierce (Brother)
As I lay here I realize I can't sleep because I think about how much I miss our time together. I'm so lucky to have had you as a brother and no matter how many holidays pass in the years to come there will always be a hollow spot in my heart. I just ...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday   / Matt Pierce (Brother)
Dustin, We all got together today for your birthday, both sides of the family and some new faces (who are like part of the family), at Sahms restaurant. The whole family misses you very much and everyone has such special memories of their ...  Continue >>
I miss you   / Matt Pierce (Brother)
Dustin I miss you very much every single day and I look forward to the day when I get to see you again. My life will never be the same without you and I will always remember how great of a brother you were. With love your little brother.
Just thinking of you   / Matthew Pierce (Brother)
As I sit here planning for my wedding I can't help but feel that one of the most important people in my life my brother won't be in attendance. I miss Dustin very much and I just want him to know that no matter where I am in my life or what I am doi...  Continue >>
Final Trip To Maxwell   / Dad
On February 9th I made what I thought was another trip to Maxwell to begin briefings for 2012 and tell Dustin's story. Unexpectedly I was informed that it would be my final trip due to changes being made in the program and another organization taking...  Continue >>
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Pentagon / Dad     Read >>
2010 Maxwell Brief  / Dad     Read >>
26th Birthday  / Dad     Read >>
USO / Dad     Read >>
Maxwell AFB Presentation  / Dad     Read >>
Unexpected Gift  / Bill Pierce (Dad)    Read >>
Florida Visit  / Dad     Read >>
"Late in coming"  / Nadine Davenport (Friend)    Read >>
24Th Birthday  / Dad     Read >>
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His legacy
A lasting legacy  
I feel Dustin's legacy is the unique way he lived his life and the many memories he left for those that miss him. It can be said he did not shy away from the adventurous things he wanted to experience. He will also be remembered for the smile he so often showed.

Dustin had a way with children probably because he was able to keep the child within himself. It was not uncommon to see him with small children, sitting on the floor and interacting as though they were equals.

He had numerous talents but one of his greatest attributes was his mind and personality.

His legacy will be viewed differently by those that knew him, but for each of us that legacy will not be forgotten.
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